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And access training, workshops and specialized courses for cooperative members totally free.
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Escuela de CoopMarketing
NCBA CLUSA - La liga de cooperativas de los eeuu

We promote a more inclusive economy that empowers people by improving their quality of life through the cooperative movement in the world.

Get trained

From marketing courses to governance and accounting through psychology and producer recruitment. Find it all here.


Discover new events specially made for cooperative members happening all year long. Organized by Cooperatives, Associations and allies such as NGOs, Financiers and you.


No time for classes? Download new tools, methodologies and templates that will help you speed up the application of your newly obtained learning.

Get trained and transform your cooperative

These are some of the courses we offer through the CoopMarketing School for coffee and cocoa partners, producers and entrepreneurs.


Free courses


Pre-recorded classes


Thousand registered students

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Connect with producers and buyers

Without waiting for the next regional fair, share stories and learnings with other cooperative members in Latin America and expand your market by making new contacts and improving your organization.

Find all kinds of events

Agriculture and sustainability


Ally events

Finance and accounting




Social and human talent

Strengthen your team and your cooperative

Using modern tools, governance and finance methodologies for your association or cooperative.


Did you miss a class or do not remember the name of the tool used?

Visit our library and find our:
  • Webinars
  • Lectures
  • Tools
  • Stories


Did you miss a class or do not remember the name of the tool used?

Visit our library and find our:
  • Webinars
  • Lectures
  • Tools
  • Stories

Funds finder

Find the fund, contest or scholarship that suits you. Whether it is to renew your machinery, train your team or access international internships, there is a fund for each Cooperative challenge.

Cooperatives online test

How much has your cooperative adapted to the digital world? Do you have the means of contact at the moment? Can you receive orders by Whatsapp or Instagram? With this test discover what you need to be more competitive.


Learn about the stories of hundreds of cooperative members who produce coffee, cocoa and superfoods who are constantly training to improve their products and sales

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Join the largest community of Cooperatives in the world

and access free classes, co-financing and specialized resources all year long.

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